Exhibition Program

14 - 17 OCTOBER 2010


Committee Info

Cecchi Marino 339.3135296

Rosa Francesco 393.1141975

Berluti Stefano 392.5300675


From Thursday to Sunday, the International shorter!

Exhibition Committee bird Grouping Marche Umbria

Via Molino Raticone, 3 - 47843 Misano Adriatico (RN)

tel. tel. 0541.612050 - fax. 0541.612050


An interesting feature of this international event, is to be concentrated in just four days. In fact, the cages will be on Thursday, reducing the days when his subjects are to remain outside the herd (usually for events such caging is at least one / two days before). This organizational choice was made by the Committee with the aim of increasing the benefits to birds exposed by reducing the stress from showing, to meet the demands of farmers who prefer a shorter event and at the same time try to keep the costs of rent the premises. All but results in a greater commitment by the organization for the times that are closer links between one stage and another of the event.